About Afghan Red Crescent Society

The foundation of Afghan Red Crescent Society was laid at the early of 1308 corresponds to 1928 under the title of (National Aid Majlis) to assist the affected people and other needy people which the president and the members of this Majlis were selected in a public gathering in the public garden of Kabul. After three years and following the request of the international conference of the movement in the Hague in 1311, corresponds to 1931, it was integrated with the structure of the finance ministry under the name of (Mehrab-Ahmar) and after some times, its integration took place with the ministry of public health and in 1313, corresponds to1933, separated from this ministry and was named as (Red Crescent). Based on the Royal decree and under the protection of former King, The Red Crescent was renamed as (Afghan Red Crescent Society) and as an aid and independent national organization in 1330 corresponds to 1950, having a statute authorizing powers and obligations for this aid organization. Then, it was recognized by International Committee of the Red Cross in 1334 corresponds to 1954 and was recognized as 83rd member of the International Federation of red cross and red crescent societies. Afghan Red Crescent Society has currently concentrated its assistances in the following fields to assist the victims of war, natural disasters and non-natural disasters and other needy people.